Your Financial Edge!

FinEdge Advisory was set up with a strong belief that quality financial planning must reach individuals across the country and should not just be an option for the top 1% of the country.

Today, FinEdge has over 27,000 individuals across 162 cities who have used our platform to undertake financial planning. Over 20,000 financial investment transactions have been made by our clients in the last 12 months!

The core strength of the company lies in providing conflict free, quality financial advice which is easy to understand and implement.

Our financial planning managers optimize the use of technology to make customized, in depth, financial reports for our clients.We have received fantastic feedback from our clients and it is enriching to see them on track to meet their short and long term financial goals.

We currently employ over 100 people. With our extensive reach and our unique business model we would like to see FinEdge as the largest financial planning company in the country!