Q. May I know a little more on FinEdge?
FinEdge Advisory Private Limited (FEA) has been built around a unique business model by which it delivers Financial Planning solutions to its customers through a captive Knowledge Processing Unit based in Delhi. The company is promoted by a team of professionals who have a combined professional experience of 50 years in Banking & Financial services and Distribution industry. FinEdge has clients across 100 cities in India whose relationships are remotely managed from our office in Delhi.
Q.How does the FinEdge membership work?
  • After you sign up as a FinEdge member for Rs. 6,990/- (over IVR using your credit card OR by cheque payment)
  • Your dedicated Financial Planning Manager (a qualified professional Financial Planner) will contact you for a detailed telephonic/ webcam discussion on your personal finances
  • During this discussion, critical factors such as your cash flows, your risk appetite and your financial goals (eg: children’s education, securing your family’s future, buying your own home) will be discussed and assessed
  • Based on this discussion, Your Manager will prepare and present a detailed financial plan to you. This financial plan will contain a detailed assessment of your current personal finances - as well as strategies to help you achieve your financial goals and dreams. Click here to download a sample financial plan.
  • Your Manager will help execute your financial plan effortlessly, as well as monitor/manage your investments using our world class systems and research
  • Your Manager will remain your dedicated one point of contact, periodically reviewing and re-balancing your investment portfolio
Q.What kind of information will be required as base data for preparing the Financial Plan?
Please click here to download the fact finder sheet upon which our data gathering interview is based upon. Apart from gathering your financial information, we also conduct a risk profiling quiz to assess your attitude to risk so that we can create your asset allocation strategy accordingly.
Q.How will my paperwork be co-ordinated and executed?
We have a dedicated logistics team at FinEdge to ensure a hassle-free investing experience for you. They will complete all your paperwork (such as your mutual fund applications, KYC documentation, etc) in advance and deliver them at your doorstep, along with a comprehensive checklist of supporting documents/signatures/cheques required. Once you have completed the paperwork, your Financial Advisor will arrange for a doorstep pickup of your documents. These documents will be logged in and filed at our office in Delhi. You will not be charged anything for the delivery and pickup of the documents – we provide this service to our valued clients free of cost.
Q. Will my Financial Planning Manager guide me on my direct equity portfolio and help me time the market?
We do not advise clients on stocks or trading. Our USP is the creation, implementation and management of a detailed, robust, goal oriented financial plan that will serve as a roadmap for achieving your important financial goals and dreams. We do not promote short term horizon investing and our investment plans generally involve a systematic, regular and disciplined method of investing in high quality, professionally managed asset classes.
Q.Are there charges payable on the returns earned by me?
No profit sharing charges are applicable
Q.May I know the performance of some sample cases?
We do not judge our performance based on investment returns alone, but on the overall Advisory experience and implementation of a long term plan revolving around the important financial goals of our clients. To view a small sample of our testimonials, click here.
Q.Are any other charges payable by me, apart from the membership fee?
At the time of investing, nominal Transaction Charges (TC’s) will apply. As per SEBI circular no. Cir/ IMD/ DF/13/ 2011 dated August 22, 2011), with respect to new investors - first time ever investors in any Mutual Fund (for subscription / SIP only), the fund house will pay FinEdge Advisory Rs. 150/- as TC only where the transaction / SIP commitment value is Rs. 10,000/- and above. Where such a transaction is from an existing investor, the corresponding TC will be Rs. 100/-. With respect of systematic investments (SIP) only, a TC of Rs. 100/- will be charged in 4 equal instalments of Rs. 25 each, starting from the 2nd to the 5th instalment, provided the total commitment towards SIP is for Rs.10,000/- or above. The unit holder's statement of account will reflect subscription amount, transaction charges and net investment. The Asset Management Companies (AMCs) will deduct the TC from the subscription amount and pay the same to FinEdge subject to deduction of service tax.
Q.How good is your technology platform? Will I be able to view the updated status of my investments?
We have a state of the art technology platform which allows our valued clients to log in on our website and check their portfolio valuation on a real time basis. Using our system, you will not just be able to view your updated mutual fund portfolio, but you could store and record the details of your investments across asset classes – including your FD’s, Real Estate, Bonds, Stocks and Insurance Policies. You could also choose to receive updates by way of SMS as well as emails. In other words, your entire investment portfolio becomes accessible to you at the click of a button! FinEdge makes it possible for you to manage your finances in a holistic manner. You can say goodbye to running after ever-changing bank Relationship Managers for updates on your investments. Click here to download a presentation on our technology platform.