Mr. Luna Dacha

Senior Vice President - NSL Infratech Limited. Hyderabad

Initially I was skeptical on how FinEdge will treat my portfolio requirements. I thought they are one among all other advisory companies who generally convince till customer puts money and disappear. The way FinEdge approached and specially my advisor with a structured methodology understanding my requirements and patiently following up and asking questions till he gets a clear picture of the overall requirements of customer. I can say very proudly that my Financial Planning is in safe hands.

Mr. Biswajit Neogi

Controls and Instruments Engineer - GE Energy Hyderabad

As an engineering professional, I was blindly putting my money in my insurance policy to get tax benefit, but never gave a second thought to my life after retirement, education & financial planning, etc. Thanks to FinEdge for educating me on the Systematic Investment Plans and its benefits. It was nice talking to you & I have had a good experience with you on phone and am happy with your financial advice. Thanks….Hope to work again with you in the near future.

Mr. Kailas Kulkarni

India Controllership - Accenture India Mumbai

It was a very good experience with FinEdge. My Financial Planning Manager helped me in understanding my goals and plan my funds accordingly. The current unstructured allocation of my funds are now better off. The co-ordination of paper work was also quite good without any hassle. I am quite happy with the interaction and it made me understand the available plans.

Mr. Jackson Gois

Consultant - Infosys Ltd. Pune

I am happy with the way things have been going on till now and your interaction with me as a client has been pleasant and satisfactory. Understanding short term needs and suggesting accordingly has been good and hope to have the returns coming in as discussed...Thanks for the support as always and keep the good work going on as you are doing a good job.

Mr. Pramod Chaly

Business Analysis Manager - Dell Computers Bangalore

Thank you for helping me get started and putting together a plan to achieve my financial goals. The process and the interaction has been very professional to the extent that I feel confident that I am in good hands.

SPD Murthy

Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd. Bangalore

I was aware that Financial Planning is required to meet the future needs. I was searching for somebody who can help me with the plan but could not get one. On interaction with a colleague of mine, I came to know about FinEdge. Further talks with him, told me about how FinEdge helps to plan. My colleague referred me to his Financial Planning Manager from FinEdge. I would say she helped me understand how should one plan his future. Though I have been investing since 9 years, I was not investing with a target in mind. I was investing only with the belief that whatever I save now, I can use in future. With interaction with my Financial Planning Manager, I understood, though, my savings were in right direction, they may not be enough to meet the future needs, especially retirement. She helped me to understand all that. She gave me a good plan, considering all the expenses, that would meet my child’s education and my retirement needs without having to change my current savings habit. Those plans being my long term, the monthly investment is also not heavy on my pocket.She also sends me articles on savings, that encourages me to keep going with the investments, even if market is not performing well. Thank you to my Financial Planning Manager and FinEdge for giving me the right direction. Appreciate it!!!

Mr. Abhimanyu Rath

Senior General manager - Biomax Fuels Ltd. Visakhapatnam

As a Technical person I was blindly putting all my investments in insurance & Fixed deposits. Thanks to your Financial Planning Manager, who patiently educated me about financial planning & planning for my daughter's marriage planning. I am very pleased with the service & guidance provided to me from time to time.

Mr. Snehanshu Jena

Ford Motor Company Ahmedabad

Services are outstanding.. Its good to be assured your money is in safe hands... I particularly like the professional approach of the Financial Planners; they are knowledgeable, courteous and most importantly always available.

Ms. Tejaswini Thirtha

Content Architect – Infotech Ltd. Bangalore

Well… there have been many finance executives call me offering investment products. They are rightly called investment agents. You, however, were the only one to call and ask about my financial GOALS first, listen to them and then chalk out a financial plan that is best suited for me and fits my pocket. This personal (or should I say ‘human’) touch is your strength and sets FinEdge apart from the others. Your effort to connect with me informally and understand my needs, is truly appreciated.

Mr. Jatin Dixit

Assistant Manager – Tata Motors Ltd. Pune

It is very nice experience for me to be a part FinEdge Advisory. And I appreciate your support and concerns which help me out to choose the correct plans which can help me to fulfill my future goals.

Mr.Vaibhav Pailwan

Senior Executive – Infosys Ltd. Pune

I would like to give my special thanks to my Financial Planning Manager for her dedication towards work and my portfolio management. It was great to be associated with Financial planner like you. This is my first time I have shared my financial details with a company for my own benefit. I was looking for something like this where my funds will be allocated or can be channelised by an expert. I hope this trust and service continues the same way it was before.

Mr. Pankaj Mehrotra

Manager (Finance) - PARAG Dairy Plant Lucknow

Feedback for FinEdge is all positive . In short I am thankful I joined your membership and came in touch with you. And finally, I thank my Finacial Planning Manager and your organisation for steering me towards a much needed savings plan, specially for my daughter. I will be getting in touch with you again as I may be changing my banker.

Ms. Alka Nigam

Professor - Banaras Hindu University Varansi

I am Alka Nigam, a new member of the FinEdge Advisory Pvt Ltd. This is to record my sincere appreciation for the assistance I received as a new customer from my Financial Advisor at Finedge . I have had the pleasure of doing business with her. I found her to be a very knowledgeable, sincere and hardworking person. In a very lucid manner she explained the options open for me and walked me through each and every step of my investment. She spoke very clearly and handled the entire process with ease and confidence. I am very happy to be associated with my financial advisor at Finedge and have great admiration for her work ethics and would like to continue investing with her in the future.

Mr. Ashwin Rao

Business Relationship Manager – Heinz India Private Limited. Mumbai

Thanks to Finedge for providing this specialised service for my financial investments. Your detailed research and analysis to understand individual financial goals makes your service standout. Also, I would like to thank my Financial Planning Manager for the time and effort put in to understand my existing investments and providing me valuable insights for investments. Your patience and availability to accommodate my busy schedule has been truly a driving factor in the progress made so far. I wish FinEdge all the best.

Mr. Yogesh S. Thakar

Manager - Godrej Consumer Products Thane

I thank my Financial Planning Manager for giving me a detailed profile of my investments, which helped me know the status of my assets and liabilities. Further, I appreciate your company’s monthly feedback, which will help me know what exactly is the status of my investments.