How FinEdge is leveraging Tech during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are currently in the midst of unprecedented times. As the COVID-19 pandemic brings the world to a literal standstill, Financial Advisors are scrambling to find their feet and continue serving their customers. To add fuel to the fire, equity markets witnessed a selloff of unrivalled proportions as fear and panic took over right after the lockdown began. During the past month of the crisis, FinEdge has proudly continued to deliver high quality Financial Advice to customers, while ensuring the complete safety of its employees. Here are some ways in which leveraging on technology has helped us in our endeavours.

Automatic Triggers

Rather than relying purely on an Advisor’s initiative to take appropriate portfolio-specific actions, our internal systems automatically alert them on specific funds which need to be replaced or portfolios that need to be reviewed in light of the altered market conditions. These triggers result in the creation of specific ‘tasks’ for Advisors, which are closely monitored at multiple levels to ensure efficient and timely actioning. As a result of this, FinEdge has been able to deftly and nimbly execute portfolio changes on an as needed basis.

Paperless Transactions

At a time when most brick and mortar Financial Advisors are clutching at straws and are struggling to execute transactions such as switches, redemptions, SIP stoppages or new SIPs, FinEdge has leveraged on its top class paperless platform to ensure that transactions continue to take place seamlessly, despite Asset Management Companies ceasing the acceptance of physical documents for the past month. FinEdge clients validate their transactions via SMS or Emails from their registered mobile numbers or email addresses, thereby ensuring complete security as well. We’re proud to say that all our clients have received their money when they needed it most, without a hitch!

Process Automation

Despite our Advisors working from home, our centralized inbound number and email remained operational throughout. At FinEdge, we believe in the critical importance of being both responsive and proactive with our client communication. In line with our belief, our high levels of process automation ensure that each inbound call and email is answered within a respectable amount of time. Multiple layers of customer support functions ensure that grievances are dealt with seamlessly and swiftly, and outliers are escalated automatically.

Centralized Dissemination of Research

To ensure that top class investment related intelligence is made available to our Advisors, we’ve put in place a centralized system of dissemination of research, along with specific actionables that flow from them. For instance, our research team is constantly flagging off funds that may be overstepping the bounds of acceptability from a risk-reward perspective in today’s dynamic and constantly evolving environment. Automated processes ensure that Advisors reach out to clients holding these funds and suggest appropriate replacements – post which switch transactions are done without paperwork.

Robust Customer Engagement Metrics

Despite the lockdown, FinEdge’s robust customer engagement metrics have ensured that Advisors are doing their very best to continue delivering a top-notch investment experience to their clients. The inbuilt intelligence of our CRM systems has helped guide Advisors on the best way to proactively work on their respective client bases. Our endeavour has been to be a cut above the rest, and not have to rely on automated communications warning customers about ‘COVID related servicing delays’!

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