Work @ FinEdge

Working @ FinEdge is more than just a paycheck, its about making a meaningful difference in people’s lives

It’s about creating tangible value. Helping investors meet their important financial goals. Not letting the sacrifices, they are making today for a better tomorrow, go in vain.

What Do We Stand For?

True to Value

We love our clients. There is zero difference between what we say and what we do. Our values are what drives us

Cutting edge technology platform

All our software’s, processes and technology platform are oriented to help our investment managers to be exceptional at what we do. To help our clients meet their goals. Of course, we put in significant effort on the client-side experience as well. Our proprietary investment platform is extremely powerful and unlike any other in the world

Culturally aware organization

We understand the importance of culture and are constantly working on making FinEdge a great place to work. We are a young and vibrant organization with a good work – life balance. Working hours are fixed from 9:30 am to 6: 30 pm, no late hours. All client meetings are virtual. No field work. No sales targets. No product targets. No revenue targets

True to label

We have one goal, to make our client’s meet their financial goals. We understand the importance of money and aspirations. We co-own the goals with our clients, their success is our success. Client interest first!

No sales / revenue targets

If we were a sales target driven company what we are saying above would have been a lie. We do have performance linked incentives, but that is based on the quality of work we do and the value we add to clients

Fantastic infrastructure

We value our people and can boast of a great work environment with a new age office. Our office is well fitted out, very well connected, centrally located in Gurugram and a few minutes walking distance from the City center metro station

Life At FinEdge

Self-Assessment Quiz:
Are You The Right Person For FinEdge?

  • you enjoy the warm glow of helping people
  • you feel validated through the respect that you win
  • you are warm and empathetic
  • you believe that managing money (and dreams) is a huge responsibility
  • you have high Emotional Intelligence
  • you like working in a “collaborative” environment
  • you love interacting with people
  • you prefer an in-office job

  • You need to be driven by sales targets
  • You feel validated through revenue-based performance only
  • You are self-centred and your interests come first
  • You believe that managing money is all about generating commissions
  • You prefer working with data rather than people
  • You are impatient and restless
  • Your overall awareness levels are low
  • You prefer field work

Current Openings

With technology as our backbone, our intent is to take our investment management platform, that is typically reserved for the ultra wealthy, and to make it available to everyone in the country without compromising on the quality of execution. As part of the Investment Management team you would be responsible for building an engaged client based and ensuring that your clients derive the best value from our services. Your commitment towards your clients and their needs will be the defining factor for your success at FinEdge.
  Job description