How Should an NRI Invest in India? India to Become the 3rd Largest Economy

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Out The Indian Growth  Story!  

  • India is poised to become the 3rd largest economy in the next 5 years (Jefferies report)
  • The only large economy to grow at higher than 7%
  • Incredible demographics – the largest young population (100 crores)
  • Leading the world in the digital revolution 
  • The golden period of growth – when per capita income moves from $2500 to $5000
  • Strong fundamentals  - fiscal deficits reducing, tax revenue increasing, massive capex
  • Phenomenal domestic consumption story
  • Seeds sown over the last 10 years for a manufacturing boom
  • Clean balance sheets of banks, public and private enterprises
  • Corporate earnings showing consistent double-digit quarterly growth

The important question is, how can an NRI / OCI take part in the India growth story? What is the best way for an NRI to invest in India and take advantage of high returns? Is there a trusted digital investment platform for NRI’s?

Let’s delve deeper into how NRIs can pave the path of investing success for themselves. The key would be taking informed risk, hyper-customization, goal orientation, managing behaviour pitfalls and leveraging on expertise. FinEdge’s proprietary platform – ‘Dreams into Action’ an ideal investing platform for NRIs does exactly that!


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FinEdge – Why Is It the Right Investment Platform for NRIs

Choosing the right investment platform can make a difference in your investment journey. For Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) specifically, navigating through the vast options can be a daunting task. Residing faraway, it is critical for NRIs to align themselves with a credible platform that has the ability to manage investments in a manner that helps achieve their financial objectives in . Therefore, making a decision on the right investing platform requires careful research as this can be the difference in your success in investing.

At FinEdge, we created the Dreams into Action (DiA) platform that brings together the best in human expertise and technology with a singular objective of delivering immense value to our clients. The Dreams into Action (DiA) investment platform is highly personalised and creates tailored investment roadmaps, ensuring growth and success for investors. 

The platform has helped hundreds of NRI clients make informed decisions based on a highly collaborative investing process. With NRIs from more than 90 countries investing through DiA, it has proved to be a highly effective investment platform for goal-based investing and long-term wealth creation. 

 FinEdge's Dreams Into Action (DiA) - Why It Is Unique

  1. Client Centricity – we put client interests first. At FinEdge there are no sales, revenue or product targets. Unlike most financial institutions in India, we do not sell or advocate products like insurance. Our values lead our actions and the same is reflected in everything we do. Since we are a not sales/product-led company, our investment recommendations always put people’s requirements first and give the right solutions suitable for you. In investing, we understand that what might be great for one investor might be disastrous for another. There is no one-size-fits-all all approach when it comes to investing.

  2. Customised Solutions – DiA has the ability to provide tailor-made Investment solutions specific to your goals and aspirations. There is no one fit for all investment solution and it is important to have personalised roadmaps to ensure that any solution is based on your unique financial situation and personal financial goals. DiA tailors investment strategies to individual clients based on their unique financial situations, goals, and risk profiles. This personalized approach ensures that investments align with client’s specific needs and objectives.

  3. Goal-Based Investing - The platform emphasizes the importance of setting clear financial goals, whether they are for retirement, children's education, or other long-term plans. By assigning the right investments to these goals, DiA helps clients stay focused and disciplined in their investment journey.

  4. Access to Trusted Investing Experts – Unlike cold DIY investing platforms (robo advisory), FinEdge provides you with the best of technology along with the warmth of relationships led by investing experts. All relationships are managed virtually from our office in Gurugram. We strongly believe that investing requires people-to-people connections to understand requirements, customise investment solutions and to manage investment behaviour. Without these, a person’s investing experience can be disastrous. 

  5. Paperless for Transaction Ease – The platform provides the convenience of paperless transactions - be it KYC, financial or non-financial transactions. The digital platform has bridged geographies by providing an easy-to-use seamless transaction

FinEdge has 20,000 clients based out of over 90 countries and 1700 cities in India. We manage more than 1200 crores of investments of our clients. Our digital platform is location-agnostic, paperless and provides the best of technology and expert investment managers.

Top Countries Where Our NRI Clients Are Based

UAE | Singapore | United Kingdom | Hong Kong | Germany | Australia | Saudi Arabia

Bahrain | Kenya | Malaysia | Indonesia | Luxembourg | Thailand | United States | Canada


Top Countries Where Our NRI Clients Are Based


 FinEdge’s Investing Process and Platform Has Been Recommended by Industry Leaders


What Our Clients Say About Us

Our success lies in how we add value to the financial lives of our clients. Following an investing process that focuses on needs of our clients and making sure that our clients interest remains paramount gives us the necessary momentum at FinEdge.

We have been appreciated by our clients for the work we do and have been rated very highly on our reviews in Google. You could view more client reviews by clicking here. 

I have been attached with FinEdge through my Financial advisor Ms Deepika for last 7 years and my experience has been fantastic to say the least. While for the first 6 yrs I had been in India and experienced prompt responses all the time but last one year that I have been working from Bangkok has been even better. Long distance never seemed any barrier at all. Infact I was more than happy with speed of the responses and quality of the conversations. My special word for my Financial Advisor Ms Deepika. She has been extremely professional and has fine sense of financial acumen to make all my investments choices very good. Way to go for both Deepika and FinEdge
Vaibhav Pandey
Sales Director at Reckitt Benckiser
Bangkok, Thailand
The company FinEdge is a very very reliable and trustworthy company, its platform and services are well explained by its team, i joined them totally new, and after 7 to 8 years with them, no regrets. I am very happy also the fund managers are well equipped and very polite, patience and intellectual and take care of your investments like their own business. I thank them for their hardwork and dedication and wish them and the company all the best. A big thanks once again.
Danny Raymond Bonwaity
Merchandiser at Costco
Paris, France
Great experience so far. FinEdge created a good portfolio for me and it has given very good returns. Off course I had to stay invested. They also keep reviewing the portfolio on a regular basis and advise. Overall very good experience!
Hemant Shrivastav
Senior Consultant at TCS
Zurich, Switzerland

Should NRIs Invest in Indian Equity

For NRIs, investing in equity can be a viable option due to its potential for higher returns compared to other asset classes. Equities can offer significant capital appreciation over the long term, which is crucial for meeting goals such as retirement, children’s education or wealth creation.  However, it is critical to evaluate risk appetite, investment horizon and financial objectives before diving into the equity market. Additionally, seeking professional advice can help in constructing a well diversified portfolio that balances risk and return effectively.  

NRIs can take advantage of these opportunities by investing in mutual funds based on their specific needs and financial objectives. By incorporating equity Mutual funds into their investment portfolio, NRIs can potentially achieve substantial wealth creation, provided they follow a disciplined and informed investment approach.

DiA simplifies the process of investing by incorporating an investing process that has the investor’s financial goals as the anchor. With financial goals being primary, the rest of the strategy follows seamlessly. As an assisted platform, Dreams into Action (DiA) offers tailored investment solutions designed to meet the unique needs of NRIs. Some features of the DiA investment platform that make it unique are following an investment process that is collaborative, immersive and highly customised to investor needs.

 The platform prioritises client interest and provides easy access to expertise in investment management, ensuring that investments are aligned with respective financial goals. DiA also simplifies the transaction process, making it user friendly and compliant with regulatory standards, which is essential for NRIs looking to invest in Indian markets. 

One of the best investment options for NRIs, following the DiA investment process, is mutual funds. Mutual funds offer diversification, professional management, and the potential for long term returns, making them an informed choice for NRIs aiming to grow their wealth in a structured and efficient manner.

India retains to be a bright spot in the world economy and as per a Jefferies report, is poised to become the 3rd largest economy in the next 5 years overtaking Germany and Japan. Jefferies forecasts India’s GDP to reach $5 trillion within the next four years, aiming for nearly $10 trillion by 2030. This expansion in economic terms is supported by a projected annual GDP growth rate of 7% over the next five years, retaining the fastest growing major economy tag in the world. The investment firm also predicts significant growth in the Indian equity markets over the next five to seven years. 

Moreover, while India’s demographics are favourable, there is continuous reform taking place that is shaping up the economy of the country. Projection on major investments in infrastructure, Automotive, Space technology, renewables etc makes India a very attractive investment destination in the years to come. These factors would largely contribute to a long-term wealth creation opportunity for domestic or NRI investors who plan to invest in Indian Equity. 

It is important to note that wealth creation involves following an investment process that considers one’s goals, aspirations, risk tolerance and investing beliefs. 

FinEdge Dreams Into Action



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