Why FinEdge?

Because Investing Is Easy - But Wealth Creation Isn't

Every year, thousands of people start investing into the best, top performing mutual funds and stocks. Only a small percentage of them go on to earn long term returns from them. Many of them in fact end up losing money! Ever wondered why?

It sounds strange, but would you go to a doctor and ask him to prescribe the best performing medicine? Every investor’s situation and requirement is as unique, yet that’s exactly what investor’s end up doing with investments – asking for the best-selling one!

top performing mutual funds and stocks
selecting the best investment

Wealth creation is less about selecting the best investment, and more about following some rules of investing that guarantee long term success – if followed properly. And without them, it is virtually impossible to create long term wealth from investments.

At FinEdge we incorporate the golden rules of investing, along with incredibly strong processes, technology and domain experts. This combination provides you with a powerful platform to meet your financial goals, customized just for your unique requirements. A platform called ‘Dreams into Action – DiA’ which is like no other in the world.

Our award-winning ‘Dreams into Action’
Investing Process @ FinEdge

Starts with ‘You’

Life changes, so do goals; investments must be aligned to match these changes. Even if there are no major changes the investment portfolio requires periodic reviews.

Monthly Budgeting

Cash flow analysis allows for understanding the investors unique financial situation and requirements. This also sheds light on some ket financial health ratio’s.

Investing personality

Every investor has their own beliefs and investing behavior. Its critical. An investment which might be great for one might be disastrous for another. For us customization is key!

Setting risk & reward expectations

The foundation of great long-term investing is to understand greed & fear and setting the correct expectations related to market volatility. Starting your investments is not our goal, making you meet your goals is.

Identifying goals

A dream without a plan is just a wish. If you don’t know where you are going, no wind is favorable. Invest with purpose!

Investing with purpose

Assigning the right investments to goals and aligning returns. Goals are super important, the math around compounding, inflation and returns are critical.

Expert assistance

Goal achievement takes years; market volatility is tough. Very few people can digest volatility, almost all of them have an investing expert by their side to inculcate the right processes, discipline & manage investing behavior.

Investment review

Life changes, so do goals; investments must be aligned to match these changes. Even if there are no major changes the investment portfolio requires periodic reviews.

We are the Wealth Creation Experts

We are a unique investing platform which brings together the best of people, process, and technology to convert your dreams into action.

More than 1200 Crores worth of Dreams Achieved since 2011

Over the past decade, our proprietary investing process has enabled more than 19,000 smart investors like you across 1600+ cities become more resilient, benefit from compounding and create wealth to meet their goals.

For us, client-centricity is way more than just marketing – it’s in our DNA!

That’s not just us talking – it’s our 1,800+ unbiased Google reviews from clients who we’ve created value for since 2011.

We are a truly bionic investment platform which enables assistance from experts, collaborative approach and joint decision making. We understand the importance of your financial goals and our investing experts customize your investments as per your unique requirements.

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