Top Mutual Funds 2024

Searching for "Top Mutual Funds" reduces your returns by up to 73%!

Fund selection is not the most important investing decision you need to take to meet your investment goals. Your 'resilience' or ability to remain invested is. How to build this resilience so that compounding can benefit you? Get an expert to understand your unique requirements - cash flows, and investing beliefs, set the right expectations, identify your goals, select the right funds, choose the best investing solution, and do periodic reviews. Wealth creation requires persistence and processes. Make sure you have the best investing experts and technology on your side!

Top Performing Mutual Funds of 2023 vs 2022

 Top Performing Funds of 2023




Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund

Small Cap


 Nippon India Small Cap

Small Cap 


 HDFC Small Cap

Small Cap 



 Top Performing Funds of 2022




Quant Mid Cap Fund

Mid Cap


HDFC Focused 30 Fund



HDFC Flexi Cap Fund

Flexi Cap 



As you can see above, the top performing mutual funds for 2023 differ completely from hose in 2022! Trying to predict the best performing mutual fund every year is an impossible task. Let alone the best performing mutual fund – even the top performing category changes every year! In one year, large caps could outperform and small caps could be the winner in another year.

Chasing returns and predicting the top mutual funds is a race you will never win.

Why Selecting the Top Fund to Invest does not matter in the long run!

Looking for the top performing mutual fund?

Most people invest with the mistaken belief that predicting the best stock or mutual fund is what leads to long term wealth creation… And so, they end up chasing returns, trying to fund the best fund to invest, and jumping from one fund to another every few months. In the long run, this constant search for ‘alpha’ doesn’t create wealth… but rather destroys it!

Investing based on short term past returns erodes wealth

The trouble with always searching for top fund to invest is that is that you will end up chasing that extra 1-2% return and keep switching to funds that have done well in the past 6-12 months, without realizing that what goes up comes down and vice versa! This roller coaster of past returns ends up eroding a lot of investor wealth.

Chasing returns reduces ‘investing resilience’

The number one contributor to wealth creation from equities isn’t fund finding the top fund to invest, but ‘resilience’ - or the ability to continue investing small sums of money for the long term so that you can benefit from compounding in the long run. Constantly trying to predict the best performing fund will make you impatient and returns centric, and will reduce your investing resilience.

Focus on the process

To succeed with your investments, stop chasing that 1-2% additional return and focus on having a great investing process instead. That is, define your goals clearly, understand risk and reward, invest with the correct expectations, and maintain investing discipline and then arrive at the best mutual fund to invest in for your goals. If you do this, you can spare yourself the headache of trying to predict the top performing fund, and still achieve all your goals comfortably!



Which is the best mutual fund to invest for your goals?

Long Term Goals

The best mutual fund to invest for long term goals would be equity oriented. However, one very common mistake that investors end up making is to approach long term goals such as their retirement or their children’s education with an overly risk-averse mindset. A classic example of this phenomenon is the fact that the bulk of retirement savings in our country goes towards PPF investments, which are essentially a fixed income investment. Because of this risk aversion, investors miss out on the potential for compounding that can come from long term investments into top performing mutual funds that are equity oriented.

Short Term Goals

When it comes to short term goals, the top mutual funds are those that prioritize the safeguarding of your capital. Remember, equities are fantastic for long term wealth creation, but they can be extremely volatile! If you need to redeem your funds for a near term goal (for example, a car purchase or a family vacation), you should select a low risk funds such as arbitrage, short term debt or liquid funds, so that you do not face the risk of capital erosion at the time that you need to use the money to fulfil your goals.



Your Investing Experts

How to select the top mutual funds to invest in India

Selecting the top mutual funds to invest in India requires careful research and analysis, and you should not do so blindly on the basis of short term past returns alone. Keep in mind that mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, so it's essential to make informed decisions. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you select the best mutual funds to invest in India:

Define Your Investment Goals: Determine your financial objectives and risk tolerance. Are you investing for long-term wealth creation, retirement, or a short-term goal like buying a house or going on a vacation? Understanding your goals will help you choose the right type of mutual funds.

Research Fund Categories: In India, mutual funds are classified into various categories such as equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds, and sector-specific funds. Research these categories to understand their investment objectives and risk profiles. Remember, the best mutual to invest for your friend may not be the best one for you!

Long Term Performance: Examine the historical performance of top mutual funds over different time frames (e.g., 5 years, 7 years and 10 years). While past performance doesn't guarantee future results, it can give you insights into how the fund has performed in different market conditions. Look for funds that have demonstrated consistent performance over multiple market cycles, rather than relying solely on recent outperformers.

Fund Manager's Track Record: The fund manager plays a crucial role in the fund's performance. Look for funds managed by experienced professionals with a consistent track record of delivering good returns.

Trueness to Label: Analyze the fund's portfolio to understand its asset allocation and the types of securities it invests in. Ensure that the fund's investments are aligned with the fund’s label. For example, you do not want to invest in a top small cap fund, but be exposes heavily into large caps!

Fund House Reputation: Consider investing with reputable fund houses that have a consistent track record of managing mutual funds effectively and adhering to strong corporate governance practices.

Consult a Financial Advisor: If you are unsure about which is the best mutual fund to invest, seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor who can analyze your financial situation and recommend suitable mutual funds based on your unique goals and life situation.

Remember that investing in mutual funds involves risk, and it's essential to keep a long-term perspective and avoid making impulsive decisions based on short-term market fluctuations. Regularly review your investment portfolio and make necessary adjustments as your financial goals change.


The Best Mutual Fund to Invest for SIP’s

SIPs or systematic investment plans are becoming more and more popular these days. One of the key questions that investors are asking is - how to find the best mutual funds to invest for SIP’s? Unfortunately, a lot of websites and apps these days are confusing matters even further by ranking the best SIP mutual funds based on short term returns over 3 ad 5 years! Investors who are investing in SIP’s through these apps are doing so without a clear understanding of the risks involved, or whether or not the SIP’s they are starting are even suitable for their unique goals or not!

Which SIP to Buy?

Before you look for the top mutual fund for a SIP, make sure you consider the following:

Have you understood the risks? SIP investments have fantastic potential for long term wealth creation. However, they function very differently from traditional instruments such as recurring deposits or PPF. If you start a SIP with incorrect expectations, you will not be able to remain invested long enough to benefit from them.

Does your SIP Fund have a long-term track record? Simply searching for a ‘top mutual fund’ and Starting a SIP based on short term returns is a mistake. Remember, a SIP investment (if equity oriented) is going to be a long journey that will last anything from 7 years to 30 years. Make sure you have chosen the best mutual fund to invest based on qualitative factors like strength of the fund house and fund management team instead of short-term returns.

Have you mapped it to your goals? When it comes to earning long term SIP returns, your investing behaviours will matter a lot more than whether or not you have selected the top mutual fund! Remember – there are two kinds of return, that is ‘investment return’ and ‘investor return’. The difference between the two is called the behaviour gap. Spend less time on finding the best fund to invest for your SIP, and more time on setting up a fantastic investing process.


FAQ – Top Mutual Funds 2024

How to find the best mutual funds to invest?

To find the best mutual funds to invest, analyze historical long term performance over multiple market cycles, assess fund managers' track records, align with your investment goals and assign different risk profiles to different goals instead of assigning a risk tolerance to yourself as an individual!

Which is the top mutual fund to invest in 2024?

If you analyze top mutual funds based on short term returns, the list will keep changing every year! It is impossible to predict which fund will be the best performer in a given year, and it is not at all necessary that the same fund will continue performing over the long term. Focus less on finding the top mutual fund and more on investing with the correct processes.

Which funds are the top performing mutual funds for retirement planning?

The best mutual funds to invest for your retirement will be aggressive! That is because for most people, retirement is a long range goal that is anything from 10 years to 30 years away. Over such a long-time frame, funds like small caps or mid caps can give you tremendous benefits of rupee cost averaging and compounding, if you have the resilience to remain invested despite ups and downs.

Markets have gone up. Which are the best mutual funds to invest now?

Since timing the markets is impossible, one should avoid selecting the best mutual funds to invest based on whether markets have gone up or down. What has gone up can go up further, and what has come down can come down even more! It is best to select a consistent performer and continue investing into it in a disciplined manner.

Is there any website where I can view the best performing mutual funds?

Yes, there are many apps and websites that provide lists of top mutual funds! Unfortunately, they end up doing more harm than good because they end up encouraging people to invest into funds that have already gone up in value. It’s best to avoid these ranking websites and select a top mutual fund based on qualitative parameters like fund house and fund manger pedigree, performance in bad markets and long term track record.