Comprehensive Digital Wealth Management

…with DiA (Dreams into Action) the world’s first bionic tech platform – impactful, hyper customized, Conversational Investment Management platform

DiA from FinEdge is a conversational style digital investment platform that enables you to come together with your investment expert virtually and co-create hyper customized & digital financial planning-led investment solutions by jointly addressing behavioural gaps, customizing goal-based investments and collaboratively reviewing your goals and portfolio. Needless to say, this is all online, paperless, and super convenient!

Increased Engagement through Shared Experiences

With our digital wealth management platform, Dreams into Action - DiA, clients and their advisors share the investment journey by co owning goals and taking informed, collaborative investment decisions. Our proprietary, first of its kind bionic platform is the future of hyper personalized and intelligent Investment Advice.

Where Goal Planning meets Investing

Our digital wealth management platform is designed to empower your investment manager to understand your unique needs and then act on this information through dynamic investing strategies, gamification tools and synergistic reviews.

The tech platform is AI enabled and assists both the advisor and the client by suggesting recommended actions based on machine learning through data and artificial intelligence throughout the investment journey.

Needless to say, every bit of our investment managers expertise and tech platforms focus is to ensure that “fear and greed” are kept away and compounding takes place in long term goals. FinEdge’s Financial planning process and goal-based investing has won many industry awards including “Advisor of the year”!

Set Rational Expectations through Investing Beliefs Assessment

Designed with inputs from psychologists, our scientific “Investing Beliefs Assessment” framework helps Investment Managers uncover impedimental investing beliefs and attitudes - and empowers them to have “difficult conversations” that exponentially increase chances of investing success.

Technology that bridges distances

DiA’s conversational framework bridges physical distances by enabling Investment Managers to quickly engage in collaborative discussions across the investing life cycle, resulting in enhanced trust and rapport. Our online wealth management platform makes remote client relationships robust and long lasting, through a series of value creating touch points throughout the investing journey.

Deep conversations, holistic financial advice, super customized, tangible value addition – delivered through convenient virtual meetings, enabled by cutting edge tech!

DiA helps you cut through the noise and invest with purpose. Start your journey with us today!



5-minute onboarding

The entire onboarding process is 100% paperless, document based and takes less than 5 minutes to complete






Goal-Mapped Investments

All your investments are mapped to your financial goals from day one, ensuring that your money is always in the right place! All future transactions such as redemptions, systematic investments, lumpsums etc are done keeping the impact on your goals in perspective







Ongoing Transactions + Goals

All future transactions such as redemptions, systematic investments, lumpsums etc are done keeping the impact on your goals in perspective




Regular Reviews

Regular Portfolio reviews with your expert Investment Manager to ensure that your portfolio is always aligned with your goals





Your Investing Experts