Fees & Charges Fees & Charges

As an intermediary and Advisor, FinEdge is compensated directly by Asset Management Companies (AMC’s). AMC’s typically maintain an annual total expense ratio (TER) which they use to fund the various aspects of their business operations. Of this expense ratio, between 0.20% and 1.20% is typically shared with FinEdge. In many ways, this perfectly aligns our interests with yours – the more your money grows, the more our income does.
This varies from scheme to scheme and AMC to AMC, but roughly 0.5% per annum (on equity funds) would be a reasonable estimate (the cost saving on the debt funds would be much lower).
Yes, you can stop your SIP anytime, leaving your savings pool created thus far intact. You could even restart the SIP at a later date, should you choose to do so. There are no penalties for stopping your SIP – however, there may be exit loads involved while redeeming your investment, depending upon the type of fund and the length of your holding period. FinEdge highly recommends that you do not stop your goal based SIP. Delay costs can be enormous, especially when it comes to long term goals.
At the time of investing, nominal Transaction Charges (TC’s) will apply. As per SEBI circular no. Cir/ IMD/ DF/13/ 2011 dated August 22, 2011), with respect to new investors - first time ever investors in any Mutual Fund (for subscription / SIP only), the fund house will pay FinEdge Rs. 150/- as TC only where the transaction / SIP commitment value is Rs. 10,000/- and above. Where such a transaction is from an existing investor, the corresponding TC will be Rs. 100/-. With respect of systematic investments (SIP) only, a TC of Rs. 100/- will be charged in 4 equal instalments of Rs. 25 each, starting from the 2nd to the 5th instalment, provided the total commitment towards SIP is for Rs.10,000/- or above. The unit holder's statement of account will reflect subscription amount, transaction charges and net investment. The Asset Management Companies (AMCs) will deduct the TC from the subscription amount and pay the same to FinEdge subject to deduction of service tax.

No. The doorstep delivery and pickup of documents is a value-added service provided by FinEdge to its clients, without any additional charges. Please note -This is applicable only for places where logistic services can be provided.

There are no charges associated with setting up an investment account with FinEdge. Our dedicated service team will guide you seamlessly through the documentation process, help you become KYC compliant, and facilitate your online investment account that you can use to transact without any paperwork, after it has been set up.

FinEdge will assist you with an evaluation of your existing investment portfolio without any charges. Your expert Financial Adviser is well equipped to offer you an unbiased, high quality review of your current investments, and suggest remedial measures if need be.