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We believe that a good Financial Plan is the outcome of a great conversation. Our process begins with a holistic discussion with your dedicated Financial Planner, during which we’ll carefully assess your risk appetite, your future goals, your existing investments, assets and liabilities and draft a detailed report. The report will take into consideration your cash flows and available surplus, and aim to bridge the gap between your current situation and your dream future, by suggesting the best investments that are in line with your objectives. The next step in the process constitutes a discussion on the report, during which your Advisor will help clarify your questions and doubts related to the report. During this discussion, you and your advisor will mutually arrive at a plan of action, which we’ll execute seamlessly thereafter.

FinEdge combines the ease and convenience of investing online with the robust support of a skilled financial planner. With FinEdge, you can rest assured that the investment recommendations made will be conflict free, and in the interest of the achievement of your long term goals alone. We are a large organization with a widespread base of clients, and our business has been built entirely on our quality of advice.
Absolutely. FinEdge can inititate a simple process that involves a change in the ARN code of your investments. Doing so will lend your Advisor a holistic view of your investments and enable her to make better investment recommendations. What’s more- we’ll execute the process at your doorstep, without additional charges.
If your documents are in order, the investments should take no more than two working days to get processed, from the day that we receive your forms. If your documents are discrepant, your advisor will support you with their resolution and completion.
Most investments can be started for as low an amount as Rs. 500. What is more important is to understand your investment goals and figure out what is the amount that would be needed to meet those goals. At FinEdge, the Financial Planning process revolves around identifying important goals and then deciding the amount that needs to be invested as per the requirements.
The first step would be to gather your financial information and undertake your risk assessment. Post this your financial advisor would be in a position to make and share the customised financial plan with you.
Our business model is 100% online, with as many virtual meetings with your Financial Planner (over the phone or using Skype) as you may require. Our online model gives us the luxury of having unprecedented reach and high levels of efficiency, which translate into the ability to have a non-commission centric approach; the benefits of which are passed on to our clients in the form of great advice and long term wealth creation.Having said that, you are welcome to schedule a face to face appointment with your Financial Planner if you’re in the area. We would request you to do so a day in advance, as your Financial Planner is a busy professional who typically has multiple back to back discussions scheduled with clients.
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has made it mandatory for all online investors to be KYC (Know Your Client) compliant. Hence, at FInEdge, it is a mandatory requirement. But don’t fret; we’ll get the paperwork done for you without you having to move a muscle!
Yes, indeed – as an NRI, you can invest through FinEdge. Your documentation requirements will vary slightly, and your Advisor will guide you through the process.
Barring citizens of U.S and Canada (due to regulatory restrictions), all NRI’s can invest freely into Indian Mutual Funds. Your dedicated Financial Planner will be able to guide on on all your available options.
Yes, you can add all your family accounts into one portfolio and view them together using our online platform or app.