FinEdge Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work

At FinEdge, your work has special meaning: this is not 'just a job'

In a traditional financial services job, your work revolves around selling products and meeting your monthly targets. In such an environment, it becomes very difficult to derive true meaning from your role when you go home at the end of the work day! We built our business differently by focusing on the singular objective of helping our clients meet their financial goals. Every day that you come to FinEdge, you will have meaningful, vibrant and value creating conversations with your clients that will make a meaningful difference to their finances.

Check out some of the wonderful messages that our clients have sent their advisors, appreciating their work. This could be you!


Fantastic Infrastructure that enables you to do your best



Located in the heart of the bustling metropolitan city of Gurgaon, our office is just a short walk away from the HUDA City Centremetro station. We can boast of a great work environment with a wellfitted out, well connected, and centrally located with easy access. For outstation students, there are lots of excellent options for accommodation that are a stone’s throw away!

No Sales or Revenue targets, so that you can focus singularly on creating great client experiences

If we were a sales target driven company what we are saying above would have been a lie. We do have performance linked incentives, but that is based on the quality of work we do and the value we add to clients. This is a marked deviation from the norm for the financial services industry, in which one’s performance and growth in the company are judged almost entirely by the amount of revenue that they bring in! Unfortunately, when the way of working is such, the client is the one who suffers the most. Every success parameter at FinEdge is designed around the experience of the client. If the client feels his advisor cares for him you will automatically do well at here both long term (growth) as well as short term (incentives).

Work-Life Balance

Being uniquely “bionic”, FinEdge does not require you to do physical meetings with your clients. All our work is in-office and the company encourages you to  maintain a healthy work-life balance. Working hours are fixed from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm, with no late hours. Without the stress of having to run pillar to post, fighting against traffic doing physical meetings, you as an Advisor will be left with all the mind space that you need to engage with your clients meaningfully and peacefully. Not just that, your productivity will also be greatly enhanced because you’ll be able to do anything from 15-20 virtual meetings with your clients daily, as against 4-5 physical meetings that would have been possible otherwise!

FinEdge is a great place to start your career. Here’s why!