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Gopal Gidwani is a freelance personal finance content writer with 15+ years of experience. 

Apart from writing on savings and investments, in his free time, he loves exploring credit card rewards and loyalty programs. 

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Alternative Investments Are Booming: Be Aware of the Risks Before Investing

In the last few years, some fintechs have brought alternative investments within the reach of retail investors. Earlier, these opportunities were limited to specific investors like corporates, HNIs, family offices, etc. As alternative investments are accessible to retail investors, they have become popular in the last few years, and continue to grow at a fast pace. Before taking the plunge into alternative investments, retail investors should weigh the risks and rewards properly. So, what are some of the alternative investments available, and the risks that they carry?

Emergency Fund: What Is It, Why and How Much of It Should You Have?

In 2023-24, many IT companies and start-ups laid off many employees. The IT companies had to lay off people as the demand or discretionary spending pickup in their major market, i.e. the US, was not as strong as expected. The start-ups had to lay off people as they were not able to raise subsequent round(s) of funding due to the funding winter. In both scenarios, people who lost jobs were left in the lurch. As the IT and start-up sectors were going through a soft patch, it was difficult for these people to either get new jobs or at the same/better pay package.

Nominee vs Legal Heir: Who Has the Right to Your Mutual Funds?

SEBI has taken the important initiative of making people choose nomination for their mutual fund investments. Investors must either provide nomination details in the specified format or opt out of it with a prescribed declaration form. For existing assets, the deadline for nomination or opting out of it is 30th June 2024, post which the mutual fund folios will be frozen for debits.

Succession Planning: What Is a Will, Terms Related to It, and How to Make It?

As per Indian succession laws, on the death of an individual, their assets are distributed among the legal heirs. The legal heirs are categorised into various classes and are listed in the sequence in which they can claim the assets. However, what if you want to distribute your assets to other people along with your legal heirs?

New KYC Changes Applicable From 1st April: How to Check Your Status and What Should You Do?

SEBI has made changes to the KYC requirements from 1st April 2024. All AMCs and SEBI Registered Intermediaries (SRIs) have to check the KYC details of existing investors and new investors. As a result, all investors will have to check their KYC status to continue with their existing and new investments.

How can credit card rewards help you book flight tickets for your vacation?

Family vacations are one of the best ways to take a break from your busy work schedule, rejuvenate yourself, and return to work with a fresh start. Many people realise the importance of vacations and have included 1-2 vacations in a year as part of their goal list.

Gold Prices Have Hit an All-Time High: What Is Driving the Rally, and Should You Invest?

The financial year 2023-24 was one of those rare years when most asset classes did well. Equities gave good double-digit returns. The interest rates on many fixed-income products, like bank fixed deposits, corporate bonds, etc., were at multi-year highs. Gold also did well on the back of high inflation, geopolitical instability, etc.

What Are the Different Types of Waiting Periods in a Health Insurance Policy?

How will a health insurance company respond in the following scenarios for individual health insurance policies?

Nifty PSU stocks Rose More than 100% Last Year: Should You Invest?

The Nifty PSE Index gave an eye-popping 113.39% return (as of 30th April 2024) in the last one year. With this kind of performance, the index has grabbed the attention of investors. Many of them are looking to invest in it. In this article, we will explore the Nifty PSE Index, its constituents and the sectors they are spread across, its returns, who should invest and how much.

Your Guide to Buying a Health Insurance Policy

Several general insurance companies and standalone health insurance companies offer health insurance plans. Each company offers multiple health insurance plans. Within each health insurance plan, there can be two to four variants.

10 Things to Consider when Buying a Term Life Insurance Policy

If you are the sole earning member or one of the earning members of your family, you need to buy term life insurance. Your life insurance policy is a financial backup for your family in the event of your untimely demise.

Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections: Do They Warrant Any Change in Your Portfolio And Strategy?

India will be heading to Union Elections in the months of April and May. The results will be announced on 4th June 2024.