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Why Retirement Planning Is Important and How to Go About It

In August 2023, Max Life Insurance published the India Retirement Index Study (IRIS) findings. Some of the findings of the study include the following:

How to Use SWP for Withdrawing Funds From an Accumulated Corpus

There are instances when you need a specified amount every month for a specified purpose. For example, you may need a specified amount every month to pay the child's education fees, loan EMIs, regular expenses during retirement, etc.

How Not to plan your Retirement!

Read this blog to learn things to avoid while planning for retirement. Reconsider your investment strategy if you are doing anyone of these. To know more, visit FinEdge now.

When should you start with Retirement Planning?

Don’t be fooled by all those advertisements featuring retired couples sipping cocktails on a sunny beach. Retirement Planning is serious business; and a mix of social, cultural, and economic factors are making it a more critical element of your financial planning with every passing day. Unfortunately, recent research also shows that only about 50% of us are habitually saving for our retirement planning.

5 Reasons to Get Professional Help for Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is an important financial decision that can have a huge impact on one’s financial future. It requires careful planning and analysis in order to ensure that one’s retirement savings are maximized and that one’s retirement lifestyle is secure. Unfortunately, many people attempt to tackle this process on their own, without the help of a professional. This can be a mistake, as there are many reasons to get professional help for retirement planning.