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5 Yearend Financial Planning Tips

As we move into the last month of 2017, it’s a good idea for you to re-assess a few of your money habits and enter the new year on a strong footing. Here are five simple Financial Planning tips ...

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3 Smartest Ways to Use Rs. 50,000 Cash

Did you just encounter a small windfall profit of Rs. 50,000? Resist the temptation of heading over to the mall and frittering it away on the latest gadget, and consider doing any of the three smart t...

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Should You Invest Through a Robo Advisor?

Globally, we’re witnessing the rise of a new kind of investing platform – the “Robo Advisor”. It is estimated that nearly 183 Billion USD of assets have been invested through s...

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7 Ways Smart Spenders Save and Invest Their Money

Spend today, or save for tomorrow? The former gives us a rush of instant pleasure, while the latter helps us build a solid future for ourselves and our families. However, what’s the point of put...

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How to Save Tax Using ELSS Funds

  As a collective group, we’re infamous for the last-minute tax-saving frenzy that we partake in at the end of each Financial Year! Needless to say, the last-minute rush leads to a numbe...

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