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Silver Prices Are at a Record High: Should You Invest?

In April 2024, the silver prices made headlines by crossing all-time highs to touch Rs. 85,000 per kg. Silver has the dual benefit of being a precious metal and industrial metal. High inflation and geopolitical uncertainty have boosted the demand for precious metals.

Gold Prices Have Hit an All-Time High: What Is Driving the Rally, and Should You Invest?

The financial year 2023-24 was one of those rare years when most asset classes did well. Equities gave good double-digit returns. The interest rates on many fixed-income products, like bank fixed deposits, corporate bonds, etc., were at multi-year highs. Gold also did well on the back of high inflation, geopolitical instability, etc.

The Microcap Index Was the Best-Performing Index in 2023-24: Should You Invest in It?

In FY 2023-24, the Nifty Microcap 250 Index gave a whopping 85.12% returns. It was the best-performing index in FY 2023-24 amongst broad market capitalisation indices. In this article, we will understand the Nifty Microcap 250 Index, how it has performed, how much you should allocate to it, and how to invest in it.

Nifty PSU stocks Rose More than 100% Last Year: Should You Invest?

The Nifty PSE Index gave an eye-popping 113.39% return (as of 30th April 2024) in the last one year. With this kind of performance, the index has grabbed the attention of investors. Many of them are looking to invest in it. In this article, we will explore the Nifty PSE Index, its constituents and the sectors they are spread across, its returns, who should invest and how much.

Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections: Do They Warrant Any Change in Your Portfolio And Strategy?

India will be heading to Union Elections in the months of April and May. The results will be announced on 4th June 2024.

A Simple Stock Market Ready Reckoner

Read this blog if you are confused about investing in stock markets, Here are 25 point “ready reckoner” for stock market investing. To know more, visit FinEdge now!