Your Investing Experience Your Investing Experience

Enrolling with FinEdge is easy and efficient. We’ll dispatch the investment forms and online transaction platform account forms at your doorstep, and help you fill them out. Post that, we’ll arrange for your documents to be collected, and our dedicated service desk will ensure a seamless login; liasing with you to resolve any transactional issues if they are to crop up.

We provide the ease of paperless transactions, access to your portfolio at your fingertips (through our app), disciplined reviews of your portfolio to keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to the nuances of the stock markets, dedicated service support to resolve any transactional issues, a goal tracking platform to keep you on the course of fulfiling your life goals and the continuous support of a knowledgable, conflict free financial planner who will always advise you in your long term interest.

FinEdge is a financially strong, soundly managed organization with years of experience at the helm. As an investor, you can rest assured that we will be around, helping you with your investments, for a long time to come. Having said that, we ensure that all your investments are made directly with Asset Management Companies regulated by SEBI, and no investment cheques are written out in the name of FInEdge. Should something unfortunate happen to our company, your investments will be freely available for you to access and transact upon directly, with zero impact.

You can track your investments either through the log in credentials given to you, by going to our website or, through our user friendly mobile application (App available on IoS and Android platforms).

Numerous studies have proven that aligning your recurring investments with your long term goals is a surefire way of making your investing experience more rewarding and fruitful. Goal based investing is akin to keeping your eye on the target at all times; not only does this build an immunity of sorts to the vagaries of the stock markets, but also encourages the saving habit and ensures that you don’t fritter away your hard earned savings on wasteful expenditure or interest expenses. Goal based investing is the promised land when it comes to creating wealth incrementally and achieving financial freedom. At FinEdge, we align all your investments to documented, planned and structured financial goals.

SIP’s (barring ELSS funds and a few other specific close ended funds) do not have a hard lock in, but most of them will have an ‘exit load’ ranging from 0.5 to 1.5% for a period that could ange from 1 to 3 years. Considering that SIP’s are meant for long term investing, this shouldn’t pose a problem to you as an investor.

Your SIP instalment will bounce, in the exact same way that any issued cheque does. It will not be attempted again in the same month, but will be attempted once again on the next ECS date. FinEdge or AMC’s does not levy any charges for bounced SIP instalments; however, you are advised to check with your bank if they do. FinEdge strongly recommends that bounced SIP instalments are compensated with lump sums, so that your’re on track to achieve your financial goals. Think of a SIP as a Good EMI!

Yes, with our online paperless transaction platform, starting an SIP is quick and easy if you are KYC approved. Even if you are a first time investor, the one time documentation process is simple and convenient. Best of all we ensure that the requisite documents are sent and picked up from the convenience of your home / office.

At FinEdge, there is complete ease of transactions keeping you in mind. Redemptions (as well as additional purchase, switches etc) are done completely online. Our technology platform is the best in the industry and ensures that when you need it, your money is credited in your account fast and conveniently.

Shifting from a direct plan to a regular plan through FinEdge is a simple process. All you need to do is download and sign a switch request letter (click here) and an online conversion letter (click here). Once you’re done, just give us a shout and we’ll have them collected from your doorstep.

Post onboarding we are 100% paperless. Onboarding may require certain regulatory as well as account opening documents and this is a one time activity.

The ability to execute your investment related transactions in a convenient and error free manner represents a vital aspect of your overall investment experience. Signing papers can be unwieldy, inconvenient, and in the worst case, prone to error. For this reason, it’s a mandatory onboarding requirement for our clients to become part of the online platform. This will ensure a convenient and hassle free investment experience for you.

Although low in risk, traditional instruments tend to provide suboptimal returns. While this doesn’t affect you much in the short term, they can lead to massive goal deficits in the long term, setting off chain reactions of loan repayment and borrowing that could damage your finances (and peace of mind) greatly. FinEdge recommends higher return instruments that are within the bounds of your invidividual risk tolerance. You may be surprised to find out just how much diference a 2% return differential can make to your final corpus.

Although we’ll be sure to not give you a reason to do so, you could choose to close your account with FinEdge anytime. Your investments will remain unaffected, as you could either redeem them or switch them to another advisor or directly to the AMC. They will continue as they are.

Simply send in an email to requesting a reactivation of your dormant account. Your Financial Planner will get in touch with you within 24 hours. We do not levy any charges to reactivate your account – we’ll be delighted to have you back on board with us!

FATCA is an acronym for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. This is a regulation created by the US Government to curb tax evasion. Under this regulation, assets held by US citizens in other countries now have to be reported to the US government.

As per regulatory requirements, you simply need to make a declaration that you’re not a U.S Citizen, and the mutual fund company will keep it on record.