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Are all Mutual Funds “Sahi” for you? Tips to Pick the Mutual Fund As Per Needs

The Mutual Fund industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Per data from the Association of Mutual Funds in India, the total industry AUM (Assets Under Management) figure has nearly doubled in the past ...

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3 Tips for Planning your Retirement using Mutual Funds

Those who are perplexed at how to go about planning their retirement can take heart. None other than the legendary Nobel Laureate William Sharpe (famous for the ‘Sharpe Ratio’ named after ...

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Are Debt Funds “just like FD’s”?

Last year’s unanticipated cash-squeezing demonetisation, coupled with steadily falling interest rates on traditional savings tools such as fixed deposits, has sparked off renewed levels of inter...

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3 Tips to select a Mutual Fund scheme

The Mutual Fund industry has grown in leaps and bounds in the recent past. It is estimated that nearly Rs. 20 lakh crores (20 trillion) of investments are now parked into Mutual Fund schemes as on dat...

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The 3 Top Behavioural Traps Mutual Fund Investors Need to Watch Out For Right Now

With their collective AUM (Assets under Management) soaring towards the 20-lakh crore mark, Mutual Funds have become a very popular investment tool these days, with thousands of investors choosing to ...

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